Give Thanks

Every time the phone rings, it is an opportunity. And, opportunity means possibilities and these possibilities in some cases, turn into jobs and these jobs turn into work and the work that these jobs produce bring provisions and theses provisions bring nourishment and prosperity and so on. This goes on with everything that you do. Try it yourself. I never want to take for granted the jobs that we are given, that’s why every day we pray and give thanks before we go out into the field. Each job is given by grace and we always try to remember that. Each customer, each contractor, each employee well, you get the picture. Give thanks unto the Lord for His mercy endures forever.

Livin’ the Dream

JB Electric and family are excited to have this great opportunity to work in the electrical field. There are thousands of homes in our area that need an electrician. We want to be that team that meets your needs as a consumer. We can install that Fan, Chandelier, Outlet, Switch, Panel, LED, Solar, Swimming PoolHot Tub, Car Charger, Photo Sensor, Sub Panel, Underground, Alarm, Automated Lighting Control, Temporary Power Pole, Parking lot Light, Commercial Electrical lightingCommercial Electrical outlets, Emergency lighting, Exit signs, Smoke Alarms, Sconces and Occupancy Sensors.

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Gracefully yours

I have been amazed at how many nice people I have met working in the electrical business. I have been working in electrical since 1989 and in that time, I have met some very friendly, honest and generous people. Working in people’s homes can be very daunting. After all, you have to be sensitive and very careful not to damage their items and be careful not to invade their privacy. But over the years I have had the best opportunity to meet people and in some cases make long, lasting relationships. I know it is the Grace of God to place me into these scenarios and it is by His Grace that we have what we have, and we should never loose sight of that especially when it comes to working around friendly, graceful people. To God be the glory.

Bidding and Proposals

Often I’ll get a call from potential customers who want a “shotgun price” for everything right over the phone. This seldom works and I end up giving them the proper price when I show up. The best method I have found is, go look at the job. If they want a price over the phone, it’s not binding. So I take along my paperwork and get a good look at the amount of work that needs to be done and get the customer to sign the estimate. Never be too anxious to get started on any job. Just remember, most everyone of us is looking for a bargain however, you are not in business to give everything away.

Feelings nothing more

I find it challenging to understand how the client may or may not be feeling about the job we are doing…so I ask. Who doesn’t want to know what kind of job that they are doing? After all we are in the service industry. If we don’t do a good job then, what’s the point? Communication and consideration is always a right decision in business. And I’m not afraid of giving away free tasks in order to please a customer… small tasks. If your client is unhappy, you should try to appease them with the little things. As service technicians we tend to have a “get r done” attitude, well what I mean is “get r done and leave”. While some customers are good with that, others need more, like little extra’s that they feel entitled to because they have spent a fortune on us for just installing every electrical upgrade that a home can handle. All I’m saying is that all customers are different. Sounds simple, but it took me years to understand the full dynamics of that and I’m still learning. You have to guard your heart with all diligence. Keep in mind that some of your client’s goal, is to get something for nothing and you need to remember that too. But changing something that you did that they would like done a little better, is something you should always consider before leaving the job.

Back in Business

After 7 long years with a lot of bad economic news and clients holding on to their hard earned cash, our company is picking up new people and new clients. We trust in the Lord for all of our people and finances. It’s truly God who sends the rain on all of us, the just and the unjust. JB Electric is established with a faith based approach to our family business. We pray every morning before we leave for the jobs that the Lord has provided for that day. Among other things, we pray for the protection of our people and our clients property too. This is a second chance for us. A certain amount personal tragedies came along with the economic crash of 2008 and it didn’t look good for our contracting business. But after the tragedies, God began to fix the underlying problems and building and getting us ready for a “Hope and a Future” and boy did He! It has been on big ride from “Glory to Glory”. And with that, we are back in business. Thank you Lord!

Installing Chandeliers

Chandeliers are a great addition to your home. You may be a little overwhelmed by the imposing height of your ceiling for the new Chandelier you just bought. Well don’t be. JB Electric can install it at a reasonable cost. If you need a Chandelier installed, Give us a call for a quote today.

Installing BusStrut Lighting Systems

In June of this year JB Electric sub contracted for another company. The job was under the supervision of one of the largest General Contractors in California, Deacon. We were contracted to upgrade a large retailer and add a couple of new restaurants and their service floor with a new lighting system called Busstrut. The Busstrut system is a simple design. It’s a unistrut with 3 circuits “inside” of the channel. It has connectors that join the electrics at linear and cross sections. The lights attach right to the unistrut so they are very safe. The grid is assembled with hardware provided by Busstrut. It’s a simple process with diagrams for easy assembly. The grid is dead hung from the ceiling at all the corners and 4′ on every rail throughout the entire grid. From there we installed a Blueridge Lighting/Relay Panel with it’s own service Panel that fed the Bustrut grids.

Then we attached the Blueridge Panel relays to the Grid on one side of each relay and the New Service LP panel to the other side of the relay which were numbered accordingly. Then, we attached a low voltage to the nearest EMS control board of the retailer’s A/C units.

Simple but a large system can take up to 5 days to complete it…troubles barred.

Building Blocks

I am attempting to restart our company after a 7 year pause. This time around, I have begun to see things a little differently. And for that reason, I have been researching successful businessmen in order to find out what makes them so successful. One thing that I have discovered is, that these men have a common thread. It is their insatiable desire to create something from nothing. Most successful men will tell you; “It’s not about the money, It’s about the process and the end result”. Sheldon Adelson said; “It’s not about the money, but I’m not giving it back”. I have personally had the privilege of working for Steve Wynn. It was an honor working for Mirage Resorts in the 1990’s and I enjoyed my time there. Steve Wynn always took care of his employees. Wynn, is one of the most successful businessmen in the world, and in an interview with KTNV 13’s Joe Heck in Las Vegas, Wynn explains his views on success and how he applies it to his daily routine. He says, that he builds things slowly and in order. “I start at A, then move to B, then I go to C. You can’t get to D without going through C and you can’t get to C without going through B”.  Here is the Interview.

This is what my prayer has been since we have re-launched our small Electrical Contracting business. My prayers have been for the mercy to “slow burn” and not fall into the temptation to jump ahead too soon. So, we have been attempting to build with substantive building blocks. Building blocks that we see as needful in order to establish a strong base. Here is our A:

  1. First thing first; License, Bond Insurance, Fictitious Name, Banking etc.
  2. Building our company credit for future production and projects.
  3. We Implemented mandatory safety training for our employees even before we hire any.
  4. I got involved with our community by joining the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.
  5. Building a system for our business which include Bidding, Invoicing and Data Bases that are consistent.
  6. Advertising and Branding. But be careful, the advertisers are sharks that smell blood in the water with new businesses.
  7. Prayer, which is actually first but it’s befitting that it is God’s favorite number, 7.

This isn’t all of them, but these are some of the things which I believe are vital to our business. You must start with A then move to B and so on. Wynn says; “You will know when you are ready to move to B. If someone wants to go from A to D, then they just don’t understand that they are still on B mislabeled as D”.


Can you do this, while you are doing that?

Some customers have a tendency of wanting extra work done that isn’t in the original bid. But what I try to do is to develop a diplomatic means to embrace their needs and charge for their wants. For example, while installing a new ceiling fan a customer wants me to add a new fan remote controller into the deal. For most electrician’s their first reaction would be “What, for free?”  but, that’s not necessarily the right way to approach this problem. I have learned over the years that most clients don’t want it for free, they have basically thought it out or they may have done a research and decided to change things up a little. In most cases I have stopped what I was doing and interacted with the customer only to find out that my contract price had just increased. What I have found is that when you take the time to listen to their needs they feel respected and that gives you an upbeat relationship with your customers and that can bring you many years of work. Engaging in Interaction with your customer and that’s good for our electrician’s and our bottom line.