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We received a call from a large international company about that needed quite a bit of electrical done at one of there warehouses. First we were contracted to install new power for a gutted air compressor. It basically had a tank and a motor…a three phase motor. We had to build a new electrical system for it to work and it was a little difficult but ended up being a fun job.

It was supposed to look like the photo below…

But it had nothing to our dismay. Either way we added a new 3 phase disconnect which we wee able to pull from an existing source and dedicate it for the compressor alone.

Then we ran 120′ of conduit at 43′ above grade for a new shoe-box machine. We had access to a lift that reached the height that we needed. We installed a new disconnect for the”box  machine” and although it is a 120v single phase, we connected it to one side of the disconnect and hard wired the machine to it.

Lastly, we installed 6 new quad outlets for their “Returns” area. We pulled over 1200′ of linear wire because the outlets were so far away from the service panel.

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