Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs

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Outdoor spas and hot tubs

Electrical installations for outdoor spas and hot tubs must comply with Parts I and II of Art. 680 along with the special provisions included for outdoor spas and hot tubs in Part IV [680.40]. The special provisions in Part IV for outdoor installations are:

  • Flexible connections and cord-and-plug connections that meet certain criteria are allowed [680.42(A)].
  • Bonding through the use of metal-to-metal contact on a common frame or base is permitted. The metal bands that secure wooden staves are not required to be bonded [680.42(B)].

Wiring to an underwater light must comply with 680.23 or 680.33.

A storable pool is typically purchased by the user and not professionally installed. This may seem like something that should not concern electricians. However, the NEC has requirements for storable pools that must be followed when making any electrical installation in the vicinity of a storable pool. Parts I and III of Art. 680 apply to storable pools [680.30].

<b>Fig. 1.</b> Per 680.32, GFCI protection is required for all receptacles that supply the electrical equipment used with storable pools.


A Commercial Jacuzzi has to have a GFCI breaker and a shut off at least 5′ from the unit. The shut off must be clearly marked.

GFCI protection must be provided for the outlet supplying a self-contained indoor spa or hot tub, or supplying a packaged spa or hot tub equipment assembly, or any field-assembled spa or hot tub. Because this rule applies to all outlets and not just receptacle outlets, a hard-wired indoor spa or hot tub requires GFCI protection [680.44].

<b>Fig. 3.</b> Additional GFCI protection is not required for a spa or hot tub with integral GFCI protection.

Additional GFCI protection isn’t required for:

  • A listed self-contained spa or hot tub or a listed packaged spa or hot tub assembly marked to indicate that integral GFCI protection has been provided for electrical parts within the unit or assembly [680.44(A)] [ Fig. 3 ].
  • A field-assembled spa or hot tub rated 3-phase or that has a voltage rating greater than 250V, or a heater load above 50A [680.44(B)].
  • Equipment that supplies a combination pool/hot tub or spa assembly [680.44(C)].

Information from this post is from Mike Holt’s article on the EC&M website.

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