Apples Cherries and Sea Salt

You may ask “What do these Items have in common with electrical?” Everything to us. These are places we operate from time to time. Apple Valley, Cherry Valley and all the way to the Seas of the Pacific and the Salton Sea. We have calls all around Southern California…and some I Northern California too.

 Santa Rosa, Ca.

 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

 La Jolla, CA.

 Palm Springs, CA.

 Coachella, CA.


If you need an help with your electrical in Southern California, call us. 951-522-6530

We are located in Beaumont, CA and service Inland Empire and Coachella Valley from the Salton Sea to the Orange County line. That includes; Beaumont, Banning, Palm Desert, Riverside, Yucaipa, San Bernardino, Palm Springs, Indio, Upland, Redlands, Rancho Mirage, Colton, Cabazon, Premium Hills Outlets and Cathedral City.


I need an Electrician for a remodel!

One of the most frequent request I get with Residential Electric work, is for a Home Remodel. Whether you are updating your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or adding lighting to your front and back yard. As an electrician, I get requests like these frequently. I am often asked to install “dimming lights” or “light dimmers” into common area rooms. I also am asked to add outdoor lighting… walkway fixtures, illuminate plants, outdoor sconces, I do it all.

I am a Beaumont, CA local Electrician. I specialize in all Electrical work.

I am a highly recommended Electrician and I pride myself in clean, efficient and speedy work. I am a Residential and a Commercial Electrician.

I will help with all of your Electrical Remodel needs.