Car Chargers

Yesterday we installed a Car Charger for a customer. His vehicles were both electric only vehicles. With that, he is able to charge his Tesla batteries which are 60 KWH and provide him with about 60 miles of electric power. His wife’s BMW batteries are 45 KWH and provide roughly 50 miles. Neither he or his wife are getting much mileage however he works locally and leases his vehicles. A hybrid allows you the option of having a dual system. One that uses gasoline and electric power and the best part is that the gasoline engine charges your batteries for when you are in gasoline mode.

Video can be seen here: Rancho Charger

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Livin’ the Dream

JB Electric and family are excited to have this great opportunity to work in the electrical field. There are thousands of homes in our area that need an electrician. We want to be that team that meets your needs as a consumer. We can install that Fan, Chandelier, Outlet, Switch, Panel, LED, Solar, Swimming PoolHot Tub, Car Charger, Photo Sensor, Sub Panel, Underground, Alarm, Automated Lighting Control, Temporary Power Pole, Parking lot Light, Commercial Electrical lightingCommercial Electrical outlets, Emergency lighting, Exit signs, Smoke Alarms, Sconces and Occupancy Sensors.

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