Underground Panel Run

Last week we had a small project go big. The home owner needed a 120v outlet ran to his Motor Coach. After we agreed on a price, we showed up the next day to install the outlet which as it turns out was 90 feet from the Panel. The owner upped the anti by asking us to install a 50 Amp; a 30 Amp and a 20 Amp for the Motor Coach. This was a new twist that made us redesign the underground run up to a 70 Amp Panel. It was almost twice the price but now the homeowner has what he needs for just about any application. We used a trencher for the first time and it made the cut only about an hour long.

Another project we undertook last week was the replacing of 82 florescent lamps at a retail Payday Loan company. The lighting was very sketchy as the years had proven to be mostly adding lamps with of different types and different color temperatures. Two stores where were replaced the lamps are older buildings however, the new owner takes pride in presentation and wants a consistency throughout all of their properties.

Then we had two 3 exterior outlets that needed to be installed that were long and time consuming. Ethan (Pictured above) had to dig 50′ along a planter then install 2 single gang boxes and install a 30′ EMT run along side the owners home…. all for one run. He did this on his own which was great.

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